Today, I’m going to tell you about common mistakes in selling a house and explain how having a qualified listing agent can help you to avoid them. New sellers have a lot that they have to navigate in the real estate market if they wish to find buyers for their homes. Everything from a competitive housing market to high mortgage rates to renters who are struggling to figure out whether or not to rent versus buy can make finding a first-time home buyer difficult. But while mortgages and market value are out of your control, there are so many things an agent can help you with. If you’re preparing to put your home on the market or struggling to get it sold and you’re hoping to quickly join the list of pending home sales, and get a closing scheduled, here are…


3 Common Reasons Why a Listing Fails & How a Listing Agent Can

Make Your House More Appealing! 


1) Your Listing Isn’t Being Presented Correctly

  While factors like home prices certainly influence buyers for your residential home, presentation carries the most impact on whether or not prospective buyers make an offer. Regardless of whether you have an existing home, built a new home or it is unique in some way that makes it special, make sure that you’re taking steps like getting rid of clutter and personal items, cleaning your home, conducting necessary repairs, and getting getting some professional advice  as to how you make your space more appealing to buyers.

2) You’re Not Marketing Your Home Well Enough

  A non-compelling description won’t attract buyers. But what does a non-compelling description look like? Some excellent examples include very plain terms like “open floor plan”, very brief listing copy that doesn’t include language that entices or promotes the most important aspects of your home, or a description that’s littered with grammatical errors and misspellings. A listing agent knows just what to do to help you create an attractive listing. 

3) Your Listing’s Pictures Don’t Do Your Home Justice

  You have to make a great first impression on buyers, and this all starts with the pictures in your listings. Are you having a professional real estate photographer take the pictures or are you just snapping some photos with your phone? Is your home cluttered in your pictures? Are there issues like poor lighting, dust, and other problems contributing to poor photo quality? With the help of a listing agent, you can get high-quality pictures that drive buyers to come see your home in person.


  Listing a home on your own is hard. Enlisting the help of an agent will help you to see results! If you’re trying to sell your home without an agent and are experiencing any of the issues above, now’s the time to reach out.