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Today, I’m going to share with you some inexpensive things you can do that will maximize the interest of buyers and help you sell your home for more money. Think in terms of spending one dollar and getting back ten dollars. We all get so used to seeing the imperfections in our homes, that we simply don’t notice them anymore. But prospective buyers are looking with a discerning eye and don’t share your sentimentality with some of the flaws and shop-worn items that you’ve come to know and maybe even love. Making some inexpensive improvements will prompt offers that are thousands of dollars higher than they otherwise would have been.  Buyers often can’t pinpoint these items but they know they like what they see and can picture themselves living there.

Let’s begin outside:

  1. If you’re selling this fall, consider adding a seasonable touch to the front porch by decorating it with pumpkins, gourds, a straw wreath or a planter with mums. In December, adding tasteful holiday lights and a wreath on the door helps buyers to picture themselves living there and adds to a sense of “home”.  
  2. Your front door is the first thing buyers see. If your front door is in good shape, an easy way to boost appeal is to freshen it up by painting it and perhaps changing the color to really make it really snap. If your door knobs, knocker, or street numbers are dingy or outdated, replace them with something fresh and modern. Along with a new mailbox it makes a great first impression.
  3. In homes with front facing garages, the garage doors make up a huge portion of what passersby’s see from the street.  Consider repainting a dated looking garage door and replacing the hardware. But if it is beat up or is a cheaply made garage door you would be better off putting your money into a new one. Some of the new faux wood styles are as beautiful as hard wood and add a lot to curb appeal.
  4. Outdoor lighting adds to the nighttime charm of your home. Light the path to your front door and upplight a tree for a dramatic effect. If you don’t want to use lights that require wiring, think about solar fixtures. The technology has come a long way in recent years.
  5. Add color to planting beds and prune, weed and mulch for that well-cared for look. Take a real look at your yard and get rid of any miscellaneous junk.  If you have a fence, make sure it is in good repair.  If you have brown patches in your yard, add grass seed and cover it with straw to show buyers that you care. Don’t just leave it as is and hope that buyers won’t care either.
  6. Walkways, decks and driveways will benefit from a fresh coat of paint or sealer. Power washed siding, driveways and walkways are hard to beat when it comes to that well-cared-for look.

Moving inside, here are some thoughts to keep in mind that go beyond simply “eliminating clutter”.

  1. Cleaning seems so simple, but dirt around light switches, base boards, walls and doors are often overlooked. Cleaning or painting them is inexpensive and can make a difference of several thousand dollars. Clean your windows!  Looking through a haze of dirt doesn’t give that impression of a clean well-maintained house.  
  2. If your hardwood floors are scuffed and worn, refinish them.  The same goes for your walls- repaint or touch up as needed. And remember that sometimes, old throw rugs need to be just that- thrown away! Do you still have beat up window blinds from twenty years ago? If so, ask yourself “why?”. They are so cheap and easy to replace. If the carpet is stained or worn, replace it. A carpet runner can often be replaced very inexpensively with remnants on sale at your local carpet store. Honestly, you will spend less money doing these things than you will lose if you don’t. Buyers love the smell of new paint and carpet – probably more than the smell of cookies baking!
  3. Give some thought to updating your light switches with new style rocker switches and replacing outlets and covers that are cracked, dirty, or painted over one too many times. If the pulls on your windows are painted over, replace them with new bronze or nickel pulls.  Replace dated or mismatched door knobs with new modern ones.

So that’s my list.  You may have some additional ideas of your own. I hope it provides a good start in making some inexpensive improvements that will yield a large return for every dollar spent. 

Again, I’m Dan Hendricks with Keller Williams Advisors.  If you’re thinking of buying or selling your home or just have some questions about the market, please give me a call. I look forward to hearing from you soon!