How can you maximize your home’s price when it comes time to sell? Here are 10 tips that will help.

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Here are 10 secrets that I’ve gathered throughout my real estate career that will certainly improve your chances of selling for top dollar when you decide to list your home for sale:

1. Make sure your curb appeal is amazing. First impressions matter, so you want to make sure that your mailbox, front porch, and driveway are clean, functional, and ready to go.

2. Make good use of your rooms.
If you use a dining room for a playroom or an empty loft, restage those rooms so they reflect the space’s original purpose. Buyers want to see spaces used in a traditional way to better help envision themselves there.

3. Reglaze the bathroom.
If your bathroom has a terrible tile color, I recommend reglazing it white. It will cost a few hundred dollars, but the bathroom will look 30 years younger. Any small improvement to a bathroom makes a huge difference.

4. Make buyers fall in love.
Sometimes it’s a good idea for sellers to handwrite a letter about their life in the house and talk about their experiences in the home. That could add a great personal and emotional touch to appeal to buyers. If you can connect with a buyer on an emotional level, the chances of selling for top dollar drastically increase.


“A small detail can actually attract the right buyer.”

5. List the home below market value. If you list your home 10% under market value, you’ll be able to attract 75% of the buyer pool. If you were to list 10% over market value, you would only increase 30%. Pricing low won’t result in you leaving money on the table. In fact, it can create a bidding war that will push prices above market value.

6. Provide insider information. Include tidbits about the area around the home that they can only get from you. The mention of a popular coffee shop or restaurant will add another layer of appeal to your home. 

7. Describe the neighborhood culture. Think of everything interesting you can about your neighborhood and mention them in your listing. A small detail can attract the right buyer.

8. Don’t forget about the extras. If you have extras in your home—such as motion-sensor lights or a security system—these bells and whistles may seem trivial, but they let buyers know that you’ve taken care of the home.

9. Create a video tour of your home. Most people get great photos, but filming a video is an inexpensive novelty that will draw in more buyers. If a video is well-made, it can showcase a home just like an open house would.

10. Get a pre-listing inspection. The buyer is going to want their own home inspection, but if you’re proactive and get an inspection done before you’re listing, it’s a win-win for both. Homebuyers will be impressed and you’ll be alerted to any issues in the home before you sell.

If you have any questions for me in the meantime about this list or anything else related to real estate, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.